Jonas Friedman is a diverse and eclectic music artist and producer based in Los Angeles. For nearly fifteen years he has combined his unique voice as a storyteller with his mastery of studio technology to put himself on the cutting edge of modern cinematic music. As a versatile composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jonas has been known to go from scoring synth-driven action sequences and large orchestras for summer blockbusters, to intimate ethereal moments for hit television series.


As an insatiably curious creator, Jonas builds his own physical and virtual instruments that he uses to brand projects with an unmistakable voice, helping to draw the audience into new engrossing worlds and characters.


One of Jonas's most notable collaborations has been with Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) who brought Jonas onto his team to contribute music to scores for the James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez 3D action adventure Alita: Battle Angel, in addition to Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines. Jonas also scored the Channel 4 mini series Chimerica with Holkenborg while helping him oversee the production of his scores on multiple films.

In 2020 Jonas co-scored Fox Television's A.I. thriller entitled NEXT with four-time Emmy Award-winning composer Sean Callery, as well as writing and producing additional music on Liam Neeson's feature action-thriller The Marksman. Jonas has also worked with Callery on several popular television series including 24:Legacy, Nat Geo's The Hot Zone, Marvel's Inhumans and CBS's Bull.

As a key collaborator with renowned composer Mark Snow, Jonas wrote additional music on Marvel's X-Men spinoff

 entitled The New Mutants and also worked with Snow on FOX’s recent two season revival of their smash hit television series The X-Files (2016-2018).


In addition to Jonas’s work in film and television, Jonas recently released the instrumental album entitled Divide. The album is an experimental exploration of sound featuring collaborations with renowned musicians from around the world who helped capture the sound of Jonas’s musical journey thus far.